Godalen Vidergående Skole

Website: www.godalen.vgs.no

Country: Norway

Email: post@godalen.vgs.no

Godalen Vocational College is located 1 km outside the city centre and is a school that has a focus on being innovative, modern and functional. The school is one of the largest vocational colleges in Stavanger. There are around 900 full-time students and 180 staff. We have study programs; Building & construction, Design, Hairdresser, Healthcare, Restaurant and catering, Tailor, Florists, Electricians, Technical & Mechanical, Service related, special needs education for high functioning students, introduction classes for immigrants and refugees, and on the job training programmes.

We have been coordinators and partners in European development projects and mobility regularly since 2005. Some of our projects have been selected as best practise and awarded.

We have expertise in most fields of Vocational education, assessment, curriculum development, school development, ECVET, youth enterprise, on the job training and tailor seam education. We also have a specialized social worker team of 9 staff who takes care of all the extra-curricular needs of students. They are also responsible for anti-drug work, social activities and cooperation with external partners.


Siv is a teacher in Health and social subjects. She has further education in teaching children and youth with special needs. She has been employed in Godalen VGS since 2005. For several years she has also worked voluntarily for the Autism association in Norway. During her education she has focused on teaching children with autism spectrum disorder. Besides being a teacher, she is also mother of a 26 year old woman with Asperger syndrome. As both a parent and a professional she has gained several years of experience of facilitation for persons with Asperger syndrome. When she volunteered for the autism association she attended and arranged several lectures concerning both strength and challengers the autism spectrum provides us with. Siv has knowledge of different educational tools and has practical experience of using them.

Siv speaks Norwegian, English, and some Spanish.