Autismeforeningen i Norge


Country: Norway


The Norwegian Autism Society is an association of people with autism spectrum diagnosis, referred to as ASD, as well their families, professionals and other interested parties. Our vision is to promote quality of life in a diverse society.

he Norwegian Autism Society har approximately 4500 members and 19 regional branches. The Society has 4 paid members of staff and approximately 40 unpaid staff.

We organise and facilitate a great number of meetings, activities, courses and social gatherings on regional and national levels. We aim to inspire and support people with diverse needs and to educate individuals and organisations as to ASD.
We advocate for national policy to improve the equality of opportunity and community participation of people with ASD and their families. Volunteer work in order to contribute to everyday mastering and the prevention of additional mental challenges.
Membership benefits include networking opportunities and activities for people with ASD and their families.

We focus on information and influence campaigns to increase knowledge, understanding and acceptance for people with ASD.
We aim to encourage and stimulate research to contribute to the development of information on and understanding of ASD
There is a special resource group for Asperger within the association.