Project Overview

The Neurodivergent project aims to develop a training programme for educational professionals and staff to enhance their abilities to work successfully with students with Asperger’s and in turn, decrease early school leaving. Running from September 2020 to March 2023, the project is funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme.

Young adults with Asperger’s face barriers while accessing Initial vocational education and training (VET) including university or colleague, due to a lack of appropriate support. The demands on these students in initial VET can result in slower completion rates, school failure and even school dropout. There is a clear need for interventions from teachers and trainers in an educational context.

The Neurodivergent project will provide training to educational professionals on how to approach and support a student with Asperger’s and improve their educational experience. The project aims to minimise the gap in learning outcomes between young adults with Asperger’s and neurotypical students.

In the framework of the project, a training package and toolkit will be developed and delivered to trainers in initial VET. Neurodivergent will also conduct a status report on the inclusion of persons with Asperger’s in VET and work life in Europe, and produce both a user guide to Asperger’s students in VET and Policy Recommendations related to the projects’ findings.


The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To develop, test, implement and evaluate a training package and toolkit for trainers in initial VET
  2. To educate trainers and staff in dealing with students in initial VET diagnosed with Asperger
  3. To minimize differences in learning outcomes in initial VET between young adult neurotypical students and those with Asperger's

The secondary objectives of the project are:

- To contribute to enhancing the completion rates in initial VET of students diagnosed with Asperger

- To increase Teacher’s and staff’s awareness of cultural differences in Europe and how different systems provide relevant support and teaching

- To provide state of the art strategies for trainers that have transferability to other student categories as well

- To provide support for students in initial VET with Asperger's by training trainers so they can do a better job and reach the target group

Project Outputs:

  1. A status report on the inclusion of persons with Asperger in VET
    and worklife in Europe
  2. Curriculum outline

  3. Toolkit for trainers in initial VET

  4. Training course for trainers in initial VET

    The course modules:

    - Asperger's - what does it mean for trainers

    - Asperger and pedagogy approaches

    - Tools for trainers

    - Social competence interventions

    - Recommendations from parents and youth

  5. User guide to Asperger students in VET

  6. Policy recommendations